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Frisch und frei

den Hunger stillen


Cooling off is essential

Energy-efficient, decorative, large and spacious – that’s refrigerators and freezer combinations by SEVERIN in a nutshell. There’s space for everything, from frozen food to your favourite ice cream. It goes without saying that refrigerators and freezer combinations are part of every kitchen’s standard equipment. SEVERIN offers you a range of stylish table-top and upright refrigerators suited to your needs and floor space. Freezers in matching designs guarantee a consistent appearance, and offer sufficient storage space for chilled goods. Our refrigerators and freezer combinations are extremely space-saving, and their striking designs ensure they’ll turn heads in your kitchen. For the drinks aficionados among you, we also offer bottle refrigerators for the ideal refreshment on hot days or after work. Special wine cooling cabinets ensure that you can always treat your guests to perfectly chilled wine.